WIFT-T: Redefining their Story Online

In the fall of 2016, Women in Film and Television - Toronto (WIFT-T) joined the Storyworks initiative at Centennial College. I lead a team of students from the Interactive Media Management Program to work with WIFT-T to provide User Experience recommendations for their upcoming website redesign as well as recommendations and best practices their social media presence.

DateDecember 2016



WIFT-T had contracted a graphic designer to redesign their website and were looking for us, a team of 5 students in Interactive Media Management at Centennial College, to provide recommendations for ensuring an improved User Experience and best practices for social media.

In our initial meeting with the client, we gathered information about the organization, the goals of the website, the pain points with the current site and also the elements that could and could not change with the redesign.

Our team set out to assess the content and structure of the current website, conduct user research, and perform competitive analysis to gather information that would inform our recommendations.


We began our research by performing a comprehensive content audit of the WIFT-T website. With the audit, each member of our team was responsible for a section of the site – reading and recording every bit of content, clicking every link, and noting any inconsistencies or concerns from a user experience perspective.

The content audit was very informative because we were able to pinpoint recurring content issues such as repetitive and outdated content, broken links and inconsistencies in content structure.


sample of WIFT-T content audit

Excerpt from the content audit

Next, we set out to understand the users of the site and to create Personas to represent them. Due to scheduling and time constraints, we were unable to interview stakeholders directly, so instead, we studied their social media followers, gathered information from the website, and connected to people in the film and television industry through our personal networks.

Developing the Personas helped us identify and build empathy for the website’s audience and guided our decision-making about what they would need from the new site.


Sample from WIFT-T Personas

A sample of the WIFT-T Personas our team created


Next, we performed a comparative analysis of other membership-based organizations that we selected based on a list of competitors identified by our client. Our goal was to assess how information was structured on their websites and identify opportunities for WIFT-T to improve and stand apart.

To gather information about WIFT-T’s social media presence we conducted a separate comparative analysis. In this case, our criteria measured WIFT-T’s use of social media compared to two similar organizations. Additionally, as part of our coursework, we researched social media platforms and emerging trends in order to inform our recommendations.


sample from WIFT-T Social Media doc

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Our final piece of research was to conduct usability tests on the current site. We sought to understand how visitors unfamiliar with the site would interact with it. The usability tests were crafted to analyze the path needed to complete three separate user tasks. We tested 8 participants in total and reported on our findings in a User Testing Report.

This testing allowed us to uncover common user pain points including inconsistent content structure, confusing language and some problems locating information.


Based on the information we gathered in our various research methods, our team conducted a series of whiteboarding sessions to document the main pain points in our findings.

Whiteboarding for WIFT-T project

Rapid paper prototyping for WIFT-T

After some rapid paper prototyping, we collaborated to create wireframes to redesign the structure of five main screens.  We created the final version of these wireframes in Axure and developed them at three breakpoints to demonstrate the portrait mobile size, portrait tablet size, and standard desktop screen size.


WIFT-T Wireframe samples

Sample of wireframes for Donate page


Finally, our team collaborated to develop content and social media recommendations to address our various findings and delivered them in a comprehensive Strategy Report.


WIFT strategy report cover page

View sample of report


Working with WIFT-T gave our team valuable industry-level work experience. Many of our recommendations are currently being implemented, and WIFT-T’s new site is set to launch in the summer of 2017.

“Women in Film & Television – Toronto had the good fortune to work with a team of five students from the Interactive Media Management program, Centennial College, in Fall 2016.

They approached our project with enthusiasm and provided a very satisfying client experience through their professional approach to project management and business communications.

Their in-depth analysis and informed best practice recommendations will enable us to achieve our communications objectives and enhance our users’ experiences moving forward.”

Heather Webb, Executive Director: WIFT-T.