The Impact of Content on User “Experiences”

As part of the coursework in Content Planning in the Interactive Media Management Program at Centennial College, we were tasked with analyzing a website to judge how the content of the site impacts user experience. We studied the Experiences section of the Ontario Parks website.

ClientIMMT, Centennial College
DateDecember 2016

Ontario parks logo


In order to gain experience assessing content from a UX perspective, we were assigned a two-part project focusing on the Ontario Parks website. This site was chosen because it has a diverse user base and a large volume of content to communicate across many different topics.

The first part of the project involved working individually to assess the Experiences section of the website by conducting a thorough content audit. The second part required us to collaborate in teams of three to review our individual findings and develop and present a Content Strategy that would address any issues and provide UX focused recommendations.


To audit the Experiences section, I read, recorded, and evaluated every piece of content on each page including headings, paragraphs, links, images, videos, etc. I looked for inconsistencies or issues that might negatively impact the usability and user experience of the site.


excerpt from content audit

An excerpt from the content audit.


In our team, we compared our individual audits to corroborate and confirm our findings and collaborated on developing recommendations and documenting them in a Content Strategy Report. Together, we identified inconsistencies in writing style; layout and structure; naming of categories, topics, and headings; use of links; and visual elements.

We discussed these findings and provided screenshots to illustrate them where necessary and described their impact on a user’s experience of the site. Then we provided recommendations for how to rectify these pain points and improve the content from a UX perspective.

Excerpt from content strategy

An excerpt from the strategy report.

Additionally, in our report, I was responsible for revising a piece of content to provide an illustration of some of the recommendations we were making. I chose to demonstrate how one might revise the Paddling page. I focused on editing down the amount of content as well as breaking the writing into digestible pieces with meaningful headings, bulleted lists, and illustrative images.


Image of rewritten content

An excerpt from the Appendix


cover slide from presentation

The title slide in our presentation deck.

Along with our report, our team outlined our Content Strategy in a focused presentation that was attended by a representative from Ontario Parks. We were grateful for his attendance, as it was an excellent experience to present our findings with a stakeholder present and practice delivering constructive feedback in a balanced and diplomatic manner.