Finding the words to tell the story of ‘Little c’

As a content contributor, I was the lead story developer for the first story in the Little c series.

ClientFrewX | IMMT, Centennial
DateApril 2017

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Little c was developed as an online resource for parents diagnosed with cancer to start a discussion about the disease with their children. It features interactive stories and games that engage children and facilitate open discussion.


There were many conversations with the product owner who co-wrote the story with me, as she was consulting with health professionals about how to approach this sensitive topic with children. For my own research, I read a variety of children’s books that dealt with similar topics to inform the spirit in which we would craft the story.


The first story in the series was meant to tackle the first big question “What is Cancer?” We settled on a simple story that featured a pair of young siblings wrestling with that very question.

excerpt from working draft of story

An excerpt from an early draft.


After several revisions, the first Little c story “Dee Has Questions” featuring siblings Dillan and Dee was completed. I also provided the voiceover for a narrated version of the story.

A physical version of the first Little c story.

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