Interactive Story Planning: Oh, The Places She’ll Go

As part of the coursework in Interactive Strategy, I was tasked with developing a plan to tell a story using interactive elements.

ClientIMMT, Centennial College
DateOctober 2016

Dr. Seuss Character


For this assignment, we were asked to interview one of our colleagues and uncover something about them that we could use as the basis for an Interactive Story. The focus of the assignment was not to write the story itself but to plan an outline and the interactive elements that we would employ.


I interviewed Melissa, and she told me about a book that had a great impact on her life. She explained why, and immediately I knew that I wanted to incorporate the book into my story.

That book was Dr. Seuss’ “Oh, The Places You’ll Go”.

Create & Deliver

After re-reading the book myself, I set out to imagine how I could tell Melissa’s story in an interactive way.

screen shot of Interactive Story

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